LoRa Network - In's and Out's

So what is it? That's a question that is a bit hard to answer in a way that makes it easy to understand.


It is a network protocol that operates beneath the noise floor.... Now that got a bit tehcy! What is the noisefloor?

It can be compared to a large room full of people that all talk loudly amongst each other, but you and your friend are deaf, so you communicate with hand signals! This in turn means that you are uninterupted by all the noise... Hence everything you say to each other is unaffected by the noise!

In the graphic the reason for this interpretation is illustrated, this is not actual measurements but shown as a illustration of the concept, the LoRa protocol functions is a "Chirp Spread Spectrum" communication and the low frequency ensures that in almost ALL environments the signal will function unaffected by general noise and other wireless communication "poluting" the air!

Futhermore it is exceptional to penetrate objects, such as walls, floors etc.

Enough about the capability og this protocol/technology!

When we started out investigating the apparent advantages of this type of communication, we were sceptic! Could it really be true, that with a few cheap gateways, we could actually cover a LARGE area with connectivity?

This picture is our offices in Denmark, and as you can see in the picture we placed three gateways in the area.

The blue indicators are the approx location of three gateways, creating a LoRa network that we could use for testing, remarkably these three gateways, with standard dipole antenna's, actually covered the entire area! From basement to the furthest corners!

From most performed tests, connectivity showed at least two reachable accespoints, some even all three!

Of cause this is by no means a guaranty for the same results at your site/building, but it gives som idea of the power of this network type.

One thing to notice is, height! This plays a BIG role in coverages.... The higher the better seems to be the conclusion... All three gateways were placed either on the roof or in top floor above the ceiling!

If you are interested in exploring the possibillity for your site/building, we ALWAYS conduct a test for the best location of the gateways and do perform an extensive test of coverage.

Even document it as a part of a validation process if you are using it for GxP data collection, and require a high level of documentation for the network quality!

So please get in touch, and let us together explore and investigate what is needed to cover your area/building!

Use the contact form on the home page, or send us a mail at info@d-it.dk!

Long Range network, in short LoRa.... A network protocol developed years ago, used by the military, but now revived as a method of connecting "things" to the internet, the major advantages of this protocol is it's remarkable low power consumption!

Often it is stated that battery life for components using this protocol will last from 7-10 years...

But there is a lot of configurations that impact the life of batteries in these products, how often do they update, how far are they from the nearest gateway and so on!

So as a general rule, read information on this protocol with some scepsis, and start by contacting us to have an open discussion about your advantages and disadvantages when considering establishing a new system.

In this section we will try to explain how and what this is perfect for, and give you an idea of the considerations that is required when planning your project!


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