Why? It is our expirience that any type of eqiupment that is storing critical content, eg. refrigerators, freezers or storagerooms, is be no means always consistent in distributing temperarture at a equal value thorughout the area.

So where do you place the sensor/sensors to ensure that the product is stored under the required conditions?

A mapping study will reveal the conditions in the area and establish a complete picture and a rationale for the monitoring sensor.

In no other way can anyone rationalize that areas are in control!

So mapping matters, mapping is a very impotant part of validating a room or an equipment that is suposed to store any type of critical product!

Read our white paper, an extensive in-depth description of how and why! - Sorry for our international customers, but it is in danish!

If the interest is to get it tranlated into english, it can be arranged on the basis of our interaction with the interested party!

White paper!


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